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Video’s of my journey…

My TEDx Delft talk                                     Tractor Girl  – little trailer
Left: Tractor Girl’s TEDx talk at TU Delft!     Right: short teaser of 4 years traveling         
                                                                     towards the South Pole by tractor.

                                                                     (editor: Patrick Minks) 

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Expedition website is online!

A Flower-colour-vieuwYes, the expedition website is online! And it looks sooo cool! Check it out!

Of course you can also follow my adventure’s during the final leg through this website. I’ll upload video-clips from the pervious leg of my Tractor Girl story that may not be shown anywhere else. But here’s the address of the website that was especially created for the expedition, with cool features I can only dream of is: www.antarcticatwo.com! : )

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Off the glacier…

glacier waterWhen we drove off the glacier we passed these icebergs that have broken off the glacier and have started their – melting – journey towards the sea……

Tent workshop Tentpegs
Tents hanging to dry in the Arctic Trucks workshop in Reykjavik. The sea container for the tractor has arrived. Everything is almost ready for transport to Cape Town!

Just off the glacier and learning about a radio soap. Which is not quite a soap opera…
Getting our wilderness medical first aid training.

Right photo: learning about a different ‘triple triangle’! ; ) (joke for those who know about the Massey Ferguson and it’s ‘triple triangle’ logo and stories) 

On the road there’s a mini traffic jam. The sheep are being brought in by the old and the young generation of farmer. Winter is coming, real soon! : )


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Fire & Ice

Vuur tent
“Oh no, I forgot my marshmallows!”

Keeping a close eye on the current volcanic activity here in Iceland…

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Taking the tractor out for a drive…

Tractor trailer groenTaking the tractor out for a drive up to the glacier today. Fantastic views, so surreal to be doing this. Felt a bit like I was dreaming.

schaappluis vatnajokull red dot
Links: these flowers in a country with only sheep in the landscape, I find that really funny.
Rechts: Tractor en me are now at the red dot! : )

Unfortunately I can and am not allowed to show too much yet of what I’m doing right now. But until monday, when the real trial-expedition starts and we’ll only have sat-phone connection, I at least like to show you some glimpses!
The real expedition starting in November will be a totally different story though. You will be able to follow that whole adventure intensely if you wish, I’ve all the help in the World to make that possible. Also today a lot of filming etc was done. And, my my, camera people have so much more gear than Tractor girls! Heehee.

Up up up!Up, up, up!

In need of a super mathematician! You?

Here’s an attempt (1 of about 50) at figuring out our 24hour driving system. Even when making it simpler than it is I run into al sorts of issues. The funniest being: the tractor to fast for the cars to catch up with (heehee).

E/S = Eat / Sleep
D = Drive
O = Other (everyone has different jobs to do)

There are 2 car’s, 1 tractor, and 7 team members. Continue reading

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