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Video of my journey…

This is a short teaser I made from the film-footage of four years of traveling towards the South Pole by tractor. (editor: Patrick Minks)

Tractor Girl’s TEDx Delft talk

With pride: my TEDx talk at the TU in Delft!

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Testing in Iceland…

While some of us are in ‘board meeting’ others are testing the tractor in Iceland under the expert guidance of the Arctic Trucks guys! : )

Focus is currently on the tires. testing their flotation capacity and traction. But of course also the durability of the rubber under cold circumstances is being put to the test on the glacier.

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January 19th 2014


The birth of a new generation! She’s here!
A little story on the birth: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203023906696974&set=a.1293714981335.2045369.1184124306&type=1&theater

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Arctic Trucks

Happy to officially announce working together with Arctic Trucks from Iceland! www.arctictrucks.com
Fuel depots were laid on Antarctica just before Christmas!

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