Sometimes you just have to do it!

Manon Ossevoort has set an extreme World record: she’s the first woman to travel from the village where she was born (Netherlands, EU) all the way to the South Pole… by tractor.
Over 38.000 kilometers she’s covered from the Netherlands and through the most divers countries and landscapes. What inspired her to do this? Well, with her ‘Tractor Girl’ project the Dutch actress and theatre-maker wanted to create a real (and real-life) adventure story about having dreams, and more important, about doing them! And through her own journey give a stage to beautiful people and inspiring stories and initiatives she encountered on her way. The story gave an epic glance to another, rather positive and hopeful World, we also live in.

SouthPole Manon portrait
On the 9th of December, 9 years after starting, Manon arrived with her tractor at the geographic South Pole. An emotional moment. Impressions and stories of this epic adventure can be found on this website.

To book Manon as a speaker on your event, follow this link or contact the Speakers Academy.

Manon tells her story from the early stages of ‘having a dream’ and starting to plan pragmatically (but never having done anything special like organizing a bingo), up to bouncing through the dessert on her tractor, and being followed by the World’s media.

She likes to share with her audience the funny and often hopeful stories she experienced on her way through Europe, the Balkans, Africa and on Antarctica. For over four years Manon filmed portraits of inspiring people and initiatives while traveling, and she filmed herself on her tractor-journey. This film-footage is now being turned into a documentary movie. Her (interactive) talks show a large range of these beautiful images and stories.

Manon Ossevoort uses her talents as an actrice and story-teller to take her audience on  epic adventure to a World of infinite possibilities and inspiration.

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in the middle of…

in the middle of a

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This girl had me thinking…

This is the story of Nigisti and “her” children in Ethiopië. What an inspiring and amazing, strong woman!

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12 days of Christmas

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Believe in it

A belief in the reliability of the MF 5610 tractor and the crew members to do their jobs was a touchstone of Antarctica2’s return trip to the South Pole and enshrined in the expedition’s message #BELIEVEINIT
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Home for Christmas!

The last part of our return journey was tough! Emotions went from excitement to grave dissapointment, but: we made it! We are on our way home for Christmas :-)

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400 km to go! Can we be home in time for Christmas?

Still time to take more pictures for cameraman Simon Foster as the Antarctica2 tractor expedition gets closer to home.

(Antarctica – 18th December 2014): The drive back from the South Pole is proving every bit as exciting and emotional for the Antarctica2 tractor expedition team as, hour by hour, they tick off the distance home.

The latest news is that they have less than 400 km to go to Novo Runway on the Antarctic coast. The MF 5610 put in yet another fantastic record-breaking run of 384 km and is as strong as ever despite the incredibly punishing schedule.

Now high up in the mountains at an elevation of 3314 metres (10,872 ft), the team members found themselves once again “gasping for breath” in the thin air. Thankfully, the weather has been clear with light blue skies but the temperature has dipped to minus 30 degrees C – dropping to around minus 37 with wind chill. As Expedition Lead Guide , Matty McNair said in her daily report: “It’s nippy out there.” Emotions are running high with the team as they all eager to get back home to their loved-ones in time for Christmas.

Everyone on the crew is pitching in with tractor driving shifts to ensure the MF 5610 is kept constantly on-the-move. There is no rest for the tractor. The drivers report that the cab is extremely warm and the seat very comfortable. The five-point seat belt helps them strap themselves down when driving over rough terrain. For in-cab entertainment, team members are passing the time in various different ways listening to music, podcasts and audio books. Manon Ossevoort, Lead Driver is listening to French lessons. Favourite sounds in the cab range from U2, Louise Attaque, Faithless, Trio, Muse, Endochine, Black Keys and Icelandic music.

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