Video's of my journey...

A short film-teaser from the footage of four years of traveling solo through Europe, the Balkans and Africa, by tractor. (editor: Patrick Minks)

Tractor Girl's TEDx Delft talk

With pride: my TEDx talk at the TU in Delft!

Jan. 2014. The birth of a new generation! She's here!
A little story on the birth:

Happy to officially announce working together with Arctic Trucks from Iceland!
Fuel depots were laid on Antarctica just before Christmas!

According to Piet's Weather-report it's better to stay home this week, but I'll be going on the road for the NVN, organization for Kidney patients in the Netherlands.... to share their inspiring stories and to collect dreams! : )

'If you could safe someone's life, would you?' A short video-announcement of the Dutch Donor week:
Asking people to make a considered decision.

2015festival in IJlst "Child + Chances= Life!" - benefit for "The Hunger Project".
And: this Summer's best kept Secret.....

Royal Inauguration Ceremony - Netherlands
Recently I was invited to attend the Royal inauguration ceremony of our prince Willem Alexander at the New Church in Amsterdam on invitation of the province of my origin Overijssel. It turned out to be a fairytale event, and an honour to be asked to attend it, one that makes you fall silent. How beautiful to be a Tractor Girl.... : )

Above the strong Kira, 12-year old major of the city of Gilze-Rijhe! Today I've her under my wings because we're seated in the same row.... wanna know which? The X-es row! Xxx: )

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Epic Tractor-expedition to the South Pole becomes a reality!

(Photo: Sarah Mc Nair-Landry)

Today my dream took a great leap forward on it's way to realization...
I am sooooooooo happy to announce that my adventure-story is truly getting it's magic happy ending!!!
I have found a sponsor in the Massey Ferguson company!!! And have started preparing this epic expedition to the South Pole by Ferguson tractors! Which is quite the challenge!
But also supercool because this means all these thousands of dreams I've been collecting worldwide will be traveling with me to the South Pole, as promised! And I will build this snowman with the dreams of the World in it's belly... Whiiieeuhieuw!!

Hmm, haven't I been here before?

Indeed, during my test-drive to Paris in 2002... to drink a coffee under the Eiffel tower (in aid of Unicef and the War Child organization).
And again, to meet my South Pole guide Matty mc Nair for the first time, during the big tractor-journey in 2007, when I was in the Netherlands for a few weeks to promote my first book...

But what brings me here now? Tonight I'm on my way to the 'Petit Palais' to become part of a very special press conference. A few hours from now the director of Massey Ferguson is going to announce they've become sponsor of the final leg of my tractor-journey, to the South Pole!

And the cute thing about it is that he's going to do some serious acting during the announcement, pretending to be in a live online broadcast connection with me in Cape Town. We'll pretend to have really bad reception which eventually breaks off in the middle of his speech. Then he's going to find the perfect solution to our problem: he's arranged me to be here, live! : )
I think it's super cool he's going to do this. Because it must be exciting for him too with all these important people coming to the press-event, like for instance global AGCO director Martin Richenhagen, and some 250 international agricultural journalists!
During the dress rehearsal this afternoon I saw he's a lovely (English) sense of humor to bring to the game. Oh, I'm super curious what the evening will be like!

Last week in Iceland...

Last week I met my team for the first time in Iceland. There we did a Polartraining on a glacier with three tractors.

First we visited the workshop of Arctic Trucks, also known from BBC's Top Gear's 'Race to the North Pole', they shared with us their knowledge on Antarctica-expeditions and modifications to cars and tires. They've been working on Antarctica for nearly ten years now with their modified super 4x4 cars.
We talked about the pro's and con's of cars versus tractors. And afterwards drove onto the glacier together, tractor beside car, to learn special driving skills and to experiment with tire-pressure.
To me it was a thrill to fi-na-ly be ploughing through snow on a tractor!

Matty mc Nair and her daughter Sarah mc Nair-Landry taught us on clothing-systems, food, hypothermia and 'the secrets of Polar travel... both woman have been to the North and the South Pole several times, and are World renowned Polar-guides. I've had the priviledge of being in contact with them about this expedition since a couple of years and am happy they are super enthusiastic to take on this adventure with me!

And off course, not unimportantly, we were taught on crevasses, big gaps and cracks in the ice (that are covered from view by a soft blanket of snow) that one can find anywhere on Antarctica and which can sometimes fit more than a tractor with trailer...

Photo right: Gianpiero Gandolfo
Training with Gummi, the man from the Icelandic Crevasse Resque team.

And here a link to the Icelandic television who also came to visit:
(part of the recordings are in Icelandic, but the interviews with me and my team are in English)
And don't be mislead by the fast driving tractor, these filmshots were made on a day with extremely good and solid snow conditions.....

I'm só happy I finally don't have to be silent anymore, but that I can tell about all these adventures in progress!! Jieghoooo!

And when I came back from France, I suddenly saw this article in the Dutch newspapers: the oncoming King and Queen want to collect the dreams of the people in the Netherlands! What a beautiful coincidence!! : )

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Tick-tock tick-tock...

Only 30 hours, 45 minutes and 3 seconds to go....

...then I have news on my project to share on Facebook: and Twitter:

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My book in South Korean!

Just received by mail my first book in South-Korean!
Now available in bookstores in South Korea.

Wow, I am utterly joyous!

(Published by Sigongsa, one of South Koreans biggest publishinghouses.)

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Theatre-performance while traveling...

A small videoclip of the theatre performance I played while traveling through Europe, the Balkans and the whole of Africa... Collecting thousands of dreams and wishes worldwide. These dreams were written and drawn on small pieces of paper, and will be saved on microfilm.

I am almost there, working towards building that snowman on the South Pole with the Dreams of the World in its belly!

The Up, episode 1

An interview with the people of the Up in South Africa! Nikki Jackman, the founder of the Up is one of the most inspiring woman I have ever met. And now she is interviewing me. Jay!

More info about the Up:

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